Drugstore Brand Spotlight: Sleek Makeup


Fairly new to the US, Sleek Makeup recently started being sold in Walgreens and Ulta. Keep reading to see some of the highlights for me from the brand. 

Flame Blush by 3 Blush Palette, $13.99


image via mugeek.vidalondon.net

The Sleek Makeup blushes are SUPER pigmented. Like, beyond most other blushes I’ve used in quite some time. Even on my deep skin tone, these blushes show up vividly. so much so that I have to go in with the lightest hand and tap off my brush to avoid the clown cheeks. I definitely plan on purchasing more of their blushes, and recommend them to you guys with no hesitation.

Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette, $14.99


image via The Beauty Inbox

These are some truly gorgeous highlighters. They don’t emphasize texture on my oily skin and apply nicely. There are two cream shades (Dynasty and Delta) and two powder shades (Sphinx and Goddess). As someone that doesn’t necessarily lean towards cream products of any nature, I haven’t tried the cream shades yet. I can definitely say, however, that I enjoy the application and wear time on the powder shades.

When the Sun Goes Down Eyeshadow Palette, $12.99


image via ulta.com

You guys know I have a deep rooted passion for eyeshadow. It’s definitely becoming a problem for my wallet. That’s why I’m always super excited when I find an affordable eyeshadow palette that I enjoy. The Sleek eyeshadows are an example of what I’m here for. The shadows are pigmented, but not to the level that makes them hard to work with. The warm shades in this palette are great. My only gripe would be that I wish there were maybe two more matte shades, but that’s more of a personal preference thing.

As a whole, I definitely recommend Sleek Makeup as a brand and am so glad to see them here in The States at Ulta and Walgreens. Have you guys tried anything from sleek yet? If you have, what are you loving? Leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews) with your favorite Sleek products.

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