YouTuber of the Week, Pt. 2: livloveshermakeup


Image via Instagram (@livloveshermakeup)

I know I posted a YouTuber of the Week yesterday, but I couldn’t wait until next week to share this beauty with you. So, here we are. Olivia is just too awesome to not break my posting schedule for. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why I love her so.


I started watching Liv’s channel about a year ago, and I haven’t looked back. She is the perfect balance of sass and shade, two of my favorite qualities in a YouTuber as you guys know. But she’s so much more than that. She gives reviews from a regular makeup user’s perspective, which I definitely appreciate. She makes it clear she’s no makeup expert, but is so knowledgeable about brands and products that you’d never know she wasn’t working in the industry.

A huge thing I love about her is that she is unapologetic in her honesty. She never tries to beat around the bush with her views on things. She gives it to you straight up with no chaser, and I definitely feel more channels on The Tube need that.

From her hauls to her numerous series, her channel has everything you’re looking for. Her high energy and conversational nature make you feel like you’re sitting down talking to your bestie, not watching an Influencer, if that makes sense.

Y’all know I’d never recommend a channel to you guys that I don’t think is worth your time, and Liv most definitely is. Watch the video above and drop her comment telling her I sent you.

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