Drugstore Cult Classic: Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage Loose Face Powder


Some products just stand the test of time and remain relevant no matter the era. Today, we’ll revisit the drugstore cult classic, the Coty Airspun powder. 


Image via walmart.com

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube beauty video or read a beauty blog, you more than likely have heard of the Coty Airspun. It’s been around since our grandmas were getting ready in front of their vanities, so it’s most definitely a classic.

Finely milled and soft, the Coty Airspun can give you a light dusting or be used as a full on foundation if you pile it on. I’ve found that it can be a little drying under my eyes if I use the poof it comes with, but it sets my foundation beautifully. This stuff adds so much coverage that you could just apply a BB/CC cream and add this to give the appearance of full coverage foundation.

One thing that drives me insane about this is the smell. Remember how I said our grandmas were using this back in the day? Well, this stuff smells like granny perfume for sure. Doesn’t make it a bad products, but if you’re sensitive to smells, you might wanna pass on this. Another thing is that the shade range isn’t the best, as there are only five shades available. I find that the translucent doesn’t make my deeper skin seem ashy when I go in lightly, and the deepest shade works pretty well for me.

Coty Airspun can be a little hard to find in most drugstores, but I’ve seen it in Walgreens and Walmart. The price varies by location, but you’ll rarely find it for over $10 unless you find an Amazon retailer that’s trying to scalp you.

What are your cult classic drugstore products? Leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews) and let me know!

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