Throwback Thursday: The Tartelette in Bloom Palette




Thrusdays are for throwbacks, so today I thought it’d be fun to revisit one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes, the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom.



$45; Image via

This was one of the first high end eyeshadow palettes that I added to my collection when I really got into makeup. The Amazonian clay formula is, by far, my favorite formula of Tarte’s. The shadows blend beautifully and apply with minimal fallout. Oh, and it smells like cookies. 🙂

There are nine mattes and three shimmers in this palette, so you can create all kinds of looks. The deeper brown shades are great for the outer v of your lid, as a liner and to smoke out your under eye. The shimmers go on with full pigment whether you use a dry brush or your finger. A wet brush takes these shimmers to a whole new level, I will say.

This is still one of my most used palettes, and I’ve had it for at least a year. When I’m speaking with friends that are looking to try something from Tarte, I ALWAYS recommend this palette to them.

What’s your Throwback Thursday item for today? Leave it in the comments or on IG (@theregulargirlreviews).

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