YouTuber of the Week: BeautyNewsOfficial


Kat and Haley of Beauty News. Image via Instagram (@beautynewsofficial)

This week’s YouTubers in the spotlight are Kat and Haley of Beauty News. This pair of Australian beauties keep me current on the upcoming releases, and so much more. Keep reading to see why I totally recommend these ladies to you.

Kat and Haley are the perfect hybrid of knowledgeable, charming and hilarious. While they definitely entertain me with their potty mouths and sassy commentary (seeing a trend here yet, guys? LOL), they also know their stuff. They post Beauty News on Fridays (Thursdays at 4pm here in the U.S.) and then the updates on Mondays (Sundays around 4pm U.S. time), so you’re always going to know what the newest beauty release information is. What makes their delivery of the updates unique, other than the shading and swearing, is that they never give the impression that they’re so shook by everything coming out that it’s all a must buy. They keep it real. They call boring-looking palettes boring af. They recognize that not everything is worth buying, and they’re honest about it. So many Influencers tell us to throw our coins at any and every item that comes onto the market, it’s nice to have a place where makeup is discussed honestly.

The Makeup Breakup is the series created by Beauty News that first brought me to their channel, and it gives me so much satisfaction. In the series, they basically destroy makeup products and put them back together. They will weigh the products to make sure the amount stated on the packaging matches what’s in the product, then repress them and give feedback on if the formulas change. Don’t panic, makeup lovers, they keep the products they destroy and repress. They aren’t out here just wasting money tearing makeup to shreds.

Beauty News is such a well-rounded channel. You get information and entertainment from two wonderfully cheeky ladies that will make you feel as though you are chatting with your favorite friends. Go over to their channel and check out their videos.


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