Holiday 2017 Beauty Releases I Need: The Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection


This year, brands are pushing out their Holiday 2017 releases earlier than ever. Some I’m more interested than others. One that has my heart skipping in anticipation is the Holiday 2017 Fenty Beauty Collection.

Images via Instagram: @fentybeauty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line just launched this month, putting the beauty industry on notice that she came to slay the game, and she’s already coming out with her first holiday collection called the Galaxy Collection.

Based on the photos Fenty Beauty and Rihanna posted on Instagram yesterday, it looks like the addition to the line will have all of the products we were wanting from the initial launch. There appears to be lipsticks, lip glosses, liquid eyeliner, an eye shadow brush and the item I know that I personally can’t wait to own, an eye shadow palette. Y’all, imagine the pigmentation of Trophy Wife in eye shadow form. Did you heart skip as much as mine? I mean, I just have to have it. There’s no debating me on that.

The Galaxy Collection will be available in Sephora and on the Fenty Beauty website October 13th. What will you be picking up?

2 thoughts on “Holiday 2017 Beauty Releases I Need: The Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection

  1. Georgia Harris says:

    I love the packaging for the holiday collection, but it seems more “Halloween” than “Winter Holiday”. I would love to get that palette, but I feel like I don’t see enough matte shadows in it. I think I’m going to pick up some of the match sticks during the VIB sale. 🙂

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    • theregulargirlreviews says:

      I get how you would get Halloween vibes from the packaging. Maybe instead of the traditional red and green and gold, she was thinking of ornaments and Christmas lights? I don’t know, but I love how shiny it is, and I want it all lmao. I’m hope that they’ll release better images of the palette so I can see if it is indeed all shimmery shadows. I’ll still buy it though, even if it is lol.


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