Brands I’m on the Fence About: Too Faced


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Too Faced Cosmetics is a brand that isn’t my favorite, but I don’t hate it either. The mixed feelings I have for Too Faced is based on all sorts of things that we will be discussing today. DISCLAIMER: Please don’t take offense to anything written here if Too Faced is your holy grail brand. If you’re totally committed to them and their products, please continue to love them. The comments in this post are my opinions based on MY experiences with certain products. Okay, so now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into it.

Here’s the thing. Too Faced is one of the first high end brands I began purchasing when I started to really get into makeup about a few years ago, and that’s totally because of YouTube. A day didn’t go by where some Too Faced item wasn’t mentioned. If you weren’t using Too Faced, you weren’t cool or poppin’. So, in my effort to be a part of the cool kids club, I dove in and gave them a go. As time has gone by, and I’ve discovered other brands and tried out more of their products, I find myself conflicted about my opinion of the brand.

Things I Enjoy From Too Faced:

The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette, $49


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Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes are definitely cult classics in the beauty world. Just about everyone I’ve watched has at least one of these in their collection. While the mattes in this specific palette are gorgeous and blend well, the shimmers leave something to be desired. They aren’t bad necessarily, just not my favorite shimmer formula to use. The brown tones in here are my jam, which is why I’ve kept it for as long as I have. When I just want to do a quick look, I will reach for this palette. Plus, the chocolate smell always puts a smile on my face.

Born This Way Concealer, $28


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As someone with crazy dry under eyes, I can only use a concealer that isn’t going to absorb what little moisture my eye creams give me. That’s why I am a fan of the Born This Way concealer. It isn’t as full coverage and drying as the beloved Tarte Shapetape, but is buildable if I’m having a super bad dark circle day. They’ve just added more deep shades to the range (FINALLY!!!!), so if you’re a beautiful melaninated woman like myself, you now have more options, which is always great.

The Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick, $21


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The Melted Latex lippies combine the pigment of a lipstick with the consistency of a gloss, and I’m here for it. Lip gloss has always had a special place in my heart, so when these came out this summer, I was all about it. The formula is rich in pigment, but can feel a little thick on the lips as you’re applying it. I don’t care though, because the shine you get is totally worth it. If you use a lip liner with them, it can keep some of the moving around lip glosses tend to do at bay, and they last much longer on the lips than a traditional lip gloss or lipstick.

My Gripe with Too Faced

All in all, I don’t think Too Faced is a terrible brand. I have recommended a lot of their products to friends in the past, and will continue to do so when I try something I like. My gripe with the brand is that they continue to release the same stuff in different packaging. Take their eye shadow palettes, for example. The ones that have been coming out recently, with the exception of maybe the new matte peach one, all have the same color story. You know you’re going to get fifty shades of brown mattes, a couple goldtone shimmers and one or two pops of color (usually pink or blue). You also know that the palette is going to be scented like chocolate or peaches. I just want Too Faced to bring back the creativity they once had. I’m not saying that these peachy or chocolaty vibes aren’t good. I’m just saying that I need something different.

Well, folks, let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@theregulargirl1) what brands you are undecided about.

2 thoughts on “Brands I’m on the Fence About: Too Faced

  1. Essentially Sammie says:

    I totally agree with you! I don’t buy their shadow anymore because it’s too often they reuse the same color or make one that is identical and give it a different name. I do love their older stuff though!

    💜 Sammie
    Ps I’d love if you could check out my blog! Follows and comments are always appreciated!

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