#TRGR YouTuber of the Week: MakeupStruggles


Image via Instagram (@makeupstruggles)

In this series, I will highlight one of my favorite YouTubers. The reasons I love them will vary, but each and every one chosen will be someone I watch regularly and definitely think you will enjoy as well. This week, I will be highlighting MakeupStruggles, one of the most unapologetically authentic people to ever grace The Tube with their presence. Keep reading to find out just what is so great about this gem of a lady. 


When you think of the YouTube beauty section, you picture a man or woman with all these crazy lights and camera filters sitting in front of their Alex-9 drawers in their beauty room giving you fifteen minutes of tutorial or product recommendations that don’t always necessarily apply to you. We’ve all watched the bigger channels with their backdrops and fancy products tell us how perfect their makeup always is because of whatever they’re promoting this week, but rarely do they ever discuss the other facets of the beauty community.

This is where MakeupStruggles comes into play, because she is the antithesis of what you find most often in the beauty world. She posts videos with eye looks and swatches, because she’s a major eye shadow junkie like I am and that’s what beauty Tubers do, but she also creates content that makes you take a look deeper at the beauty community than what some of the larger channels present to you. She does this with dialogue full of sass and swearing, two of my favorite things. She also provides useful information on Indie brands, which is great for me, as I am not as familiar with Indie brands as I would like to be.

All in all, MakeupStruggles is someone I recommend you watch and subscribe to if you are looking for alternatives to the cookie cutter beauty influencer/guru content you’ve grown accustomed to seeing. She typically posts once a week on Saturdays, and her videos are usually about 30 minutes long, but I promise it’s worth the time. Pack a snack and strap in for a truly refreshing and entertaining ride.

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