Beauty ‘Rules’ I Say No To


Let Instagram and YouTube tell it, there are certain things that you must do to achieve ‘the ideal makeup look’, whatever that means. As personal as makeup is, social media and industry folks want us to believe that there is some uniform standard of things you are required to do to create a fabulous makeup look. Well, I definitely don’t agree with that, and I’m going to tell you exactly which beauty ‘rules’ I don’t follow. 

This post was inspired by a YouTube video I watched by one of my fave Tubers, Georgia Harris. I’ll link the video below so you guys can check it out.

Rule #1 I Don’t Follow: Winged Eyeliner


Now, I can appreciate a good wing as much as the next person, bu I refuse to feel the pressure to create one on myself. First of all, I’ve never been skilled with liquid liner, no matter how much I practice, so there’s that. I just don’t have ‘it’, you know? Second of all, every time I have made an attempt to wing it out with liquid liner, I end up with liner running into my eye, and no one has time for that. They say everything isn’t for everybody, and winged liner is what’s not for me in life. I accept that.

Rule #2 I Don’t Follow: Setting Spray is a Necessity


Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. Image via

Okay, I have a confession. When I first got seriously into makeup about a year and a half ago, and was deep in the thralls of YouTube’s beauty guru situation, I was convinced that my makeup was going to look like complete and utter trash if I didn’t use a setting spray. In fact, I still have about five different kinds on my shelf where I store my makeup. What I’ve found is, that on my skin, my makeup lasts better when I DON’T use a setting spray. Who woulda thought?! I’ve noticed that, when I use any setting spray, drugstore or high end, my pores that were filled and blurred courtesy of my primer come out of their hiding place and remind the world that they are there to stay. It’s quite distressing, if I’m being honest with you guys.

Rule #3 I Don’t Follow: Baking


Image via

This is definitely one of the ‘beauty rules’ that I just can’t get into or understand. Of course, the steps are clear enough to comprehend. What I don’t get it the why. Sure, we all want our under eye to look a little brighter and more smooth, but is it really worth packing pounds of powder under there? I just can’t with any of it, especially with my desert-dry under eyes. But, hey, if you like it, go for it.

When it all comes down to it, makeup is personal. Do what makes YOU feel creates complimentary looks for you. Don’t let what others do for them make you feel obligated to do the same. If you don’t like foundation, girl, don’t wear it. You should feel comfortable and beautiful after you apply your makeup, not like you’re just doing what you think you’re required to do.

Here’s the video by Georgia Harris, one of my faves on The Tube, that inspired this post. Check out her page and tell her I sent you over!

What are some of the beauty ‘rules’ that you rebel against?


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