#TRGR: Lush Cosmetics


Image via good360.org.au

We all love a relaxing bath after a rough day on the job, right? Well, Lush Cosmetics has everything you need for such an affair, except a glass of wine, of course. Handmade, vegan and cruelty-free, Lush’s bath products are definitely a must-have. From their bath bombs to bubble bars, there’s something for you in their wide range of products. They’re no one trick pony though, as they also have a huge selection of hair and skin care products, as well as actual makeup. As I’ve solely used their bath products as of now, that’s what we are going to get into today. Spoiler Alert: I LOVE THEM!!!!

The Bubble Bars (prices vary depending on item)


The Comforter Bubble Bar, $12.95. Image vialushusa.com

What’s a bath without bubbles? Not too fun of a time, if you ask me!! The Lush bubble bars take you back to childhood with their bright colors, but stimulate your senses with mature fragrances. The Comforter, shown above, is my favorite. The sweet smell of blackcurrant is strong without being TOO strong, and the bright pink color it adds to your bath is just everything. The great thing about these larger bubble bars is that you don’t get just one use out of them. I mean, unless you have one super huge tub. You just break off a piece and run it under warm water as you’re filling up your tub. Then, you just wrap up the remaining portion and save it for your next soak.


Bewitched Bubble Bar, $7.95. Image via lushusa.com

Bewitched is an example of the smaller sized bubble bars, and is part of Lush’s Halloween release. As you see in the image, you just hold it under the water and your tub turns black! I can’t wait to try this one, being the crazy cat lady that I am. This one is berry-scented, which I’m totally about.

The Bath Bombs (prices vary depending on item)


Pink Bath Bomb, $8.95. Image via lushusa.com

First of all, can we talk about how huge this bath bomb is?! It’s literally the size of my palm, and is pretty weighty. Don’t worry, it’s not going to put a hole in your tub when you drop it in the water. This pink bundle of candy-scented loveliness dissolves and fizzes once you drop it in, and, just as the name implies, turns your bath water bright pink without staining your tub. On top of being pretty in pink, there’s glitter in the bomb as well, so you’re left with pink sparkly goodness as you soak your day away.

So, I hope this little peek into some of my favorite and upcoming Lush products have sparked your curiosity. If you have the chance, go into one of Lush’s retail stores and take a look at their huge selection of products, and be sure to check back here for more reviews as I try out more stuff. If there isn’t a Lush store near you, go to their website and get your Lush fix!!

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