Brand of the Week: Becca Cosmetics


Becca Cosmetics is our first featured brand in the ‘Brand of the Week’ series, in which I’ll highlight some of my favorite products and why I love the brand so much. If you have any brands you think should be featured in the future, let me know so I can check them out if I haven’t yet. This week, however, it’s all about Becca Cosmetics, so let’s get into it!

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Becca Cosmetics is consistency. I have yet to meet a product from this brand that I didn’t like. As someone that doesn’t like to look like I have a ton of makeup on, I appreciate that the products I’ve used from the brand help me achieve that ‘natural’ look I’m going for. None of the products ever make my face feel like I’m caked up, and when you have oily skin, that’s a true blessing. Below, I’ll get into some of my all-time favorites from the brand, as well as some new items I’m trying out.

Becca Velvet Blurring Primer ($38)


Image via

As someone with the biggest pores known to man, a good blurring primer is one of my essentials, whether I’m wearing a full face of makeup or going bare faced. The Becca Velvet Blurring Primer is great for that. The texture is what really makes me love it. Most blurring primers have that silicone feel that can be a little much, especially on days when I’m not wearing any sort of foundation or powder to calm things down. This primer, however, has a more lotion-like feel, so it’s super comfortable and light on the skin. The liquid-to-powder formula helps it absorb fast, so it doesn’t just kind of sit on top of the skin making things feel and look super unnatural. You end up with such a smooth canvas to apply your foundation to that I definitely recommend this one for all skin types.

Becca Highlighters (pricing varies based on formula and size)


Becca Highlights in all three formulas; pressed, liquid and poured. Image via Pintrest.

Out of everything I’ve tried from this brand, the pressed highlighters are definitely my most highly recommended product to you. They come in three different formulas; liquid, poured (basically the liquid formula in a compact), pressed (the powder formula). There is just something about the powdered formula that makes them one of the best highlighters I’ve ever tried. They aren’t super glittery or anything, so they give the skin this lit from within kind of glow. Now, if you’re into that beaming highlight situation that is all the rage, that metallic glow that makes your face a beacon to Mars, you can get that by building these powders up. Another way to achieve that crazy glow is by layering their powdered highlight over their liquid or poured highlighter formulas. I personally am not a fan of cream or liquid highlighters, so I haven’t used the liquid, and the poured wasn’t my jam when I tried it out. However, regardless of which formula you choose, there is a shade that will be perfect on your skin tone, so I DEFINITELY suggest going into Sephora or Ulta and swatching them to see what you like best. My personal favorites are Rose Gold, Champagne Pop and the new limited edition shade Lilac Geode. Don’t let the color in the pan fool you on that one. It has this gorgeous gold shift that works great on my deep skin tone. Like I said, go in store and swatch them to see what works for you.

Becca Blushes ($32 for the mineral formula, $34 for the luminous formula)

Mineral-Blush-shades (1)

Becca Mineral Blushes; Image via

As a woman of color, finding blushes that are pigmented enough to show up on my brown skin can be a serious headache, whether I’m at the drugstore or a higher end retailer. So, when I discovered the Becca blushes, I could barely contain my excitement because as soon as I swatched one and saw that glorious pigment show true to color on my arm, I knew we were desitned to be together forever. The blushes come in a mineralized formula, which is basically matte, and a luminous formula, which gives a shimmer and glow to the cheeks. As someone that doesn’t typically go for luminous blushes, I actually love how the Becca formulation looks on my skin. The shimmer isn’t too intense to where you end up looking like you threw glitter onto your face. Rather, it is a subtle, soft glow that makes your skin look healthy. The matte mineralized version is my favorite though. Now, you have to go in with a light hand when applying these blushes due to the high pigment. Otherwise, you will end up with Bozo cheeks.

Well, folks, that’s it for this week’s Brand of the Week spotlight on Becca Cosmetics. You can purchase Becca Cosmetics at Ulta, Sephora and the Becca website. If you’ve used any of their products, let me know in the comments what your favorite is.


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